Freeze, Start Date and Grassley Tweets

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Hope you are all having a good day. I started this post yesterday and completed it this morning…sorry about the delay.


The temperatures hit the freezing mark early enough the last two days that there could be some damage to the sensitive blooms.  That includes fruit.  The producers are out this morning trying to make sure they save what they can.  Jasper Winery says it already has damage on about 75% of its’ crop.


We got word of a powerful earthquake centered off the of the Aceh Province of Indonesia Wednesday morning about a half hour before we went on the air.  This is the same place where a 9.1 mag quake caused the death of more than 200,000 people back in 2004 so there is ample reason for concern.  Initially the quake registered in the high 8’s which would have been close tot he 9.1 quake that caused the tsunami in 2004…  The USGS backed off the magnitude about an hour after the initial quake…there was a strong aftershock as well…the point is this one got people’s attention.

Now, all that said…there were people freaking out on Twitter.  The Indian Chapter of the Justin Bieber fan club was frantically tweeting about prayers for the people of Indonesia…we’re talking minutes after the quake!  It’s like praying for airplanes as they head toward the Des Moines Airport…there’s a danger they’ll crash…but there’s no indication there’s actually trouble.  As it turns out the earthquake didn’t produce any significant waves because the energy was disbursed horizontally not vertically like the quake that caused the tsunami.

Now let me be clear…I don’t want to discourage anyone from praying…please pray all you like…it may bring comfort to you and I actually believe works as intended. But it seems to me these tweets are more about telling everyone YOU’RE praying, than it is actually praying.  I’m not sure that’s the point


Former President George W Bush Spoke at a conference in New York Tuesday and told the audience he is sorry the tax cuts passed during his administration are called the “Bush Tax Cuts”.  He thinks without the name they wouldn’t be the political football they’ve turned into.  He defended the theory behind the tax cuts saying the Govt needs to do more to let the private sector create jobs.

Santorum Out

Who knows what caused Rick Santorum to finally drop out of the Republican race.  It’s probably early enough the Mitt Romney can recover some funding and get geared up for the race in the Fall.  It looks like its going to be close but who knows what the economy will do or what the President might say or do.  What will the Supreme Court do?

I was reminded that we have a lot of serious questions still to answer and an interview I heard yesterday also pointed out neither of the two major parties have done much to solve them.  whatever your political affiliation…if you look closely…they’re telling you what you want to hear…not what’s going to provide a solution.  On debt for instance…does it make sense to you that one side or the other “pay” so we can reduce the debt?  If your family was in credit card debt…would paying that debt down effect the whole family or just Mom and Dad who make the most money?  Allowances are likely going to be cut…Summer Camps might not fit into the budget.  There are hard choices to be made…but it seems like both sides are content to tell us all what we want to hear…I shouldn’t be the one to sacrifice.  We all got into this mess together…seems to me we all should have to sacrifice to get out of it.

That Won’t Work

A Democratic Strategist made the comment on CNN the other night that An Romney hadn’t worked a day in her life.  Mrs Romney shot back that she made a choice to raise her family at home…and that it was hard work.  I asked the question this morning on Facebook…it really is an ongoing debate.  I have to say I don’t think there’s a right answer.  Women who work certainly have a different experience than women who stay home.  That doesn’t mean they have a “better” experience.

Start Date

So the Legislature wants to make sure schools start a little later.  the Governor says it would help tourism…I’m not sure that’s the best argument when talking about schools…but he’s got a point.  The Waukee superintendent says he might ave to cancel Spring Break if the State mandates the later start.  Good luck with the phone calls from angry parents who want to go to Cabo for the week.


When Steven Colbert uses you to do a bit…you know you’ve made it. Sen Grassley’s Tweet about he President was certainly harsh…and backed off the next day. If you follow Grassley on Twitter, the seemingly nonsensical posts Colbert showed make a lot more sense.   I tried doing all my Tweets in Grassley from Wednesday.  Even my Brother said he couldn’t understand it.

Nothing But Victory

I hope you all have the chance to make it down to the State Historical Museum.  Their new exhibit Civil War: Nothing but Victory sounds like a really interesting addition. I enjoy Civil War History so I think it would be fun to see some of the things the State accumulated over time.  We talked about the exhibit with the Museum Director yesterday on the Noon. It sounds like a lot of this stuff hasn’t been displayed before.  A lot of it is donated by families who find artifacts when they clean out the Family Farm or Grandma’s attic.  That’s the stuff I really want to see.  The exhibit opens this weekend.

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