Fred Flintstone Revealed, Stanzi American Patriot, Hanrahan Bobble-head

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During our last conversation here, we were discussing whether you’re able to see Fred Flintstone’s image in the tigerhawk logo:

After I mentioned it Tuesday night in our sportscast, Erin, John, Ed, and the crew stood around trying to see Fred. One-by-one, with some help, they did. I’m also happy to report, the last holdout, Chad Kendall, finally saw Fred too, and he didn’t have to sleep at the TV station.

Here’s Fred:

Got it now, right?

The Broncos coaches confirmed what players knew all along: Southeast Polk’s Kyle Orton gives Denver the best shot to win, not Tim Tebow.

The Kansas City media learned what Hawkeye fans already know, Ricky Stanzi loves America. Here’s a replay from our sportscast:

High school football practice is underway. Love it.

Nice to see Norwalk’s Joel Hanrahan was psyched about his bobble-head. Here’s what Joel tweeted Wednesday:
Today is my bobblehead day @iowacubs and we are playing the cubs, must mean good things for the #buccos they are pretty cool! First 1 4 me.
He was wrong about good things for the Buccos. Cubs won 1-0.

Good story from the IceBorg about Iowa State’s trip to Italy. The Clones sound ready for Italian fun, even if they don’t run into the Godfather:


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