Fliers, battle of the Endorsing Superstars, and "Just look Natural"

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Good Morning.

It was a slow start this morning and I was late getting in. Doesn’t the entire day then seem a little rushed? I’m not sure why, but we’re such creatures of habit. That’s the other part of my morning’s this week that haven’t been going as planned. We missed going to the grocery store this week because we were in Chicago for the weekend. We’ve been scrounging things up for dinner but the stuff I usually buy at the store for my morning routine isn’t in the fridge. We’re out of OJ. I don’t have anymore Snickers marathon bars and I usually bring a little thing of 2% milk to put in my coffee(I hate the powdered creamer).

So I’ve had to make a stop every morning for some extras. It’s amazing how much that can throw you off.

I think we are all off-kilter this week. There has been a lot of change because our producer Heather had her baby on Saturday. She wasn’t due for 4 weeks so it came as a bit of a surprise and we didn’t have a producer lined up in her place for another 3 weeks. So, the two producers who help Heather had to come in and do the show. They do great work but it’s just a change for everyone. For some reason, this threw me off a little because each producer has his or her own writing and leadership that takes some getting used to.

To the news:

We didn’t have a great lead story this morning so we went with something happening today…OJ Simpson is back in court. Not the biggest headline in the world but I just don’t want all of you thinking that we consider this a big deal.

Fliers in Ames
For the next four or five weeks we’re going to see some stuff like this and it’s just sad. One of the reasons free speech works though, is that it exposes people for what they are. Free flow of ideas means you really get to hear what people think. In this case. Racist and sexist.

Barbara Streisand says she will endorse Hillary Clinton for President. That’s not a huge surprise. The singer is pretty well known for her involvement in left-leaning politics. Anytime anyone from Hollywood does lend their name to a campaign it is usually to a candidate who is a Democrat. For once, I want to see someone famous endorse a Republican. Just once. It would make things interesting. Not that those endorsements really do anything. Or at least that is what most political experts say.


Is UNI having a good month in sports or what? They’re the only team still playing football and last night they beat ISU in basketball…again.

Grain Bin

If you missed Mark Tauscheck’s story about the family buried in the grain bin accident…it was pretty powerful stuff. The Mom who had to tell her daughter she might die? That’s someplace I hope I never find myself. If you missed it get on the homepage and watch!

Drive for Airfare Savings
We took up the subject after hearing about this report from the Iowa Department of Transportation studying how many people leave Central Iowa for other regional airports. The numbers were higher than I thought they would be. The debate over prices at the airport and why they aren’t lower has been going on for a long time. In some cases the ticket prices really are higher here. In a lot of cases they’re not. Des Moines fliers have a lot more options than they used to…20 different non-stops. Does that number surprise anyone? The bottom line from the airport was, if you use DSM, then airlines will add service and start to compete for your business. If you go somewhere else…they’ll compete for your business there. I’d be glad to answer questions about some of the things that we found during our research and reporting.

Look Natural!
We had our promotions writer/photographer Jack of all trades Melissa overt to our house to shoot our part of the holiday promotion. We’re going to get a little more of a look inside our lives this year, but it’s hard to do. I still wonder why anyone would want to know what my home looks like or why they’d want to know what we do at Christmas. As some of you have pointed out, I’m a little more close to the vest about personal stuff. It’s not because I’m a private person, I just can’t believe anyone else would care.

Melissa got shots of my family as well. It’s for the holiday promotion that will start running soon. She got a shot of Eric setting up the camera for a family photo. We put our two Boston Terriers in Christmas outfits which are absolutely hysterical. Yes, we are “those kind of people.” We got them sort of as a joke and now you will all be able to laugh at us when the promotion airs.

Also, it was getting close to bedtime so I think I’m probably going to look like a zombie. Anyway I hope it works out and that it’s a fun way to say Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of our viewers.

Hope you have a good day!


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