Final Debate, Part 2

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Question 2–How should Americans sacrifice to lower federal debt?

Giuliani–fed government should sacrifice. cut spending. reduce income tax burden. take more ownership of health care.
Paul–unnecessary for people to sacrifice. cut by looking at foreign policy.
Huckabee–move to prevention-based health care system to save money.
Romney–shouldn’t have to run programs at a deficit. 342 economic development programs in federal government. probably don’t need 100.
Tancredo–follow the constitution of this country. we do too many things that exceed constitutional bounds. protect and defend the country. concentrate on that. rest of the stuff become extraneous.
Thompson–would be willing to run a deficit for military, infrastructure and research and development.

Who in this country is paying too much?

McCain–reform tax code. can’t raise taxes as democrats. american people need tax code they know is fair.
Huckabee-fair tax. rich won’t be made poor. but poor may be make rich.
Romney–doesn’t think about how much taxes rich pay. thinks about middle class.
Paul–middle class is being wiped out.
Huncan–$250 billion plus we pay to prepare and defend taxes. Internal Revenue Service.
Giuliani–be able to pay a flatter tax on single piece of paper. give death penalty to death tax.


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