Fallon Still Wants Money

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Apparently, that email last week didn’t bring in enough dough. Failed 3rd District Democratic Primary Candidate Ed Fallon just sent out another appeal for cash to pay off debt.

Dear Friends,

Campaigns are rough. Physically, emotionally and financially. They can leave you drained and discouraged. Especially when you lose. Especially when your opponent lies about you and assassinates your character. Especially when you realize that some of the mistakes you made might have been avoided.

I’ll admit that lately I sometimes feel drained and discouraged. But I also feel blessed by the incredible, often tireless efforts of so many good people coming together to act on their passion and principles. You give me hope. You inspire me. And I want you to know that . . .


Lynn and I have committed our lives to public service, and as we recover from this campaign we are eager to see where the path leads next. We hope to have clarity on that by the end of the summer.

For now, the primary tasks at hand are to (1) break down and organize the extensive resources assembled in this campaign, and (2) pay-off the debt.
To meet our outstanding bills, and for my own peace of mind, I need your help to retire $35,000 in debt as quickly as possible. In the past week, we’ve received $3,500 from 40 donors, and another 20 people have made pledges. That’s a start, and I thank you. But as someone who has always tried to live and work within his means, and who as an elected official made fiscal responsibility a key priority, debt bothers me a lot and I won’t feel at ease until it’s paid-off.

Many losing candidates finish in the red; but having run eight previous campaigns in the black, campaign debt is a new experience for me. If you can help with $50 or $100 – or more or less as your means allow – I would be very grateful. You can mail a check to Fallon for Congress, 752 16th Street, Des Moines, IA 50314. Or you can donate on-line at www.fallonforcongress.com. If you need to call, Lynn and I can be reached at (515) 201-9405.

Thank you. I continue to be enriched and encouraged by your confidence, support and commitment. If you would like to visit personally for any reason, just let me know.

Ed Fallon


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