ERIN OFF CAMERA: Worst. Day. Ever.

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Two weeks ago I blogged about the various jobs I’ve had and many of you shared some incredible “Worst Job” stories.  Incredible.

I promised to share a great “Worst Day On The Job” story that Dan Winters shared with me.

Check out Dan’s story, share your own “Worst Day” and let the competition begin!

I’ll NEVER forget my first day at Channel 8.  I was a starry-eyed college student, just beginning my first (part-time and extremely low-paying) job for a TV news station.  I was dressed to the nines in the only suit I owned at the time and a brand new black wool overcoat.  Look out!  Serious journalist comin’ through!  I.  Meant.  Business.

That first day, I was sent out with a photojournalist to get an interview with… can you believe it?… BILL STOWE.  I wonder how many reporters in this town can say their first interview was Bill Stowe?  You’d assume that a guy who has fielded a million questions from dozens of news types has seen every awkward position they can muster;  The collapsing tripod, the NON-collapsing tripod, the dead battery, the broken tape, the frayed microphone wire, the pen that ran out of ink.  You get the picture.

As he began responding to one of my questions (I don’t even remember the topic), The Lord of the Levees suddenly burst into laughter and began pointing at that brand new black overcoat.  I looked down to see a humongous streak of bird crap running down my chest.  It looked like I got attacked with a bottle of white-out.  Jesse Landolt was shooting with me that day.  He yanked the camera from its tripod and started shooting me in my pathetic situation.  Then, he pointed the camera skyward to get a shot of the crows circling above.  We finished the interview.  Stowe needed a few extra takes to get through it because he was still laughing.  Somewhere in the old tape archives at Channel 8, there’s video proof that you should NEVER take yourself too seriously.


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