Debate, Friday Fun and Keep Those Playlists Coming

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Good Morning (it’s actually almost Noon)
For whatever reason this is coming really late so I’ll keep it brief.
Jeriann’s Fun Forecast was another big hit this morning. It’s amazing what a Red Umbrella can do for motivation.
She’s talking about upping the ante a little next week. We’ll explain so stay tuned.
In the News:
The Democrats Debate
Last night was one of the most unruly to date. I thought Wolf Blitzer from CNN lost control at several times during the night. That said…you try talking over these guys. They’ve got their message and they’re well trained in getting it out there.
I thought Sen Clinton did a better job of defending herself. Say what you want but she still seems composed most of the time.
I thought Sen Obama look like he really hated the format and wanted more time to answer the questions. I think this guy’s pretty smart and it has to be hard to stand up there and dumb down your answers into 20 second soundbites. I don’t get the feeling he thinks any of these questions can be answered that easily.

I thought Sen Edwards doesn’t sound like the candidate we got to know in 2004 anymore.

Bary Bonds

Is anyone surprised. I think this is what they call Karma. Lost in the headlines was A-Rod’s reconciliation with the Yankees for a mere 27 million a year. Great PR move on his part.
The investigations continues and I haven’t heard anyone saying the University handles this well. What do you think?

I appreciate the comments from yesterday on this. The Media deserves some of the beating it gets for sensationalizing the news. In this case I defer to Murph for an explanation of the process they went through. I would stake my life it’s something we can be proud of. No one does it better then Keith and the boys in our Sports Department.

Good luck to the Hawks. Does anyone else feel like the dominance in High School athletics is shifting in the metro? It used to be Valley and Dowling won everything when I got here. Now it seems like Ankeny is willing something every time I turn around.
Hope you all have a good weekend. I’m going to have to rake some leaves.


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