Cyclone Crashes Party, Kauffman Experience, My So-Called Life

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Adrian Clayborn and Tyler Sash signed autographs, at Merle Hay Mall, for hundreds of Hawkeye fans — and one ISU fan. Some dude in an ISU sweatshrit strolled up, after waiting 45 minutes, for an autograph. After some good-natured ribbing from the former Hawks, the Cyclone fan got his signatures. Clayborn told the IceBorg that the fan admitted that he was a Hawkeye at heart.

It’s a good thing the I-Cubs started their season down in Texas. Unfortunately, the poor high school soccer players didn’t have that option. There are few things worse than a cold, rainy, day.

The Red Sox fell to 0-6, and the Celtics got blown out by the Bulls. I feel reeeeeeeeeal bad for Boston fans.

Wednesday, I went to KC for a Royals-White Sox game. Kauffman Stadium is fantastic. It was my second trip there since they completely revamped the aging park. In my other trip, the Royals blew a 5-run 9th inning lead, with two outs. Wednesday, they blew a 3-run lead with two outs. To make matters worse, both times I was at the game with the biggest Royals fan I know — the only Royals fan I know.

Tickets were $12. Parking was $5. A beer was $9.

On Tuesday night I was up, shooting hoops with a friend, until 4:30am. Tonight, I’m headed out to play shuffleboard. Tomorrow, after work, I’m hosting a PS3 game-night at my pad (apartment). That’s a little snap-shot of the life I lead. And some people are crazy enough to ask if my wife and I will be popping out a kid, soon. HAH!


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