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Iowa State’s uber-tough schedule doesn’t leave the Cyclones much margin for error. And Saturday in Kansas City, ISU lost a win-able game. That doesn’t mean the Cyclones won’t go to a bowl game… it’s too early for that kind of talk. But for every win-able game the Clones lose, they’ll need to upset a favored team. What game could atone for Saturday’s loss? Texas Tech, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska? See what I’m getting at? It’s an uphill climb from here on out.

I shouldn’t be surprised that much of the blame for the K-State loss is being heaped on Austen Arnaud, but I am. The general sentiment in SoundOFF emails and on message boards is that ISU would be better off with Jerome Tiller under center instead of Arnaud. I think Tiller is a serviceable quarterback, but what exactly has he done to prove he’s a better option than Arnaud? One touchdown pass against Nebraska? And to be clear, being enamored with the back-up quarterback is not a phenomenon exclusive to Cyclone Nation. I just don’t understand why fans can’t trust the head coach, in this case Paul Rhoads. He’s a sharp guy, and he’s been at every workout, practice, and game for the last two years. If Rhoads thinks Arnaud gives Iowa State its best chance to win, take his word for it.



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