Conflicting Polls, Hanukkah or Chanukah? and Bad Weather out East and West

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Good Morning Bloggers!

Pat is back but I’m starting the blog today. I’m VERY happy he’s back. It’s not the same on the set because I don’t have someone with whom I can complain, joke and have just have fun. So… welcome back my friend! Unfortunately he’s using a lot of his vacation time this month so you’re stuck with me on the morning show.
It’s nice to be missed.
I had a scheduled day off yesterday. I found myself with some extra vacation days at the end of the year because of schedule changes during the summer months. I’m going to take a few days off in December to use up that vacation. I hope you won’t take offense. It was nice to sleep in, and when I say sleep in…I got up to watch the 6:30 half hour of the show. Much different watching from your point of view.

I’m going to use the time to get some Christmas errands done, get some of the honey-do list done and to do some relaxing.
Yesterday was particularly productive if for no other reason that I got the draft in my basement door fixed. I am not particularly handy, but I figured out the magic of weather stripping enough to seal up the door. If you remember, months ago I put my butt through the window of the basement storm door. I finally took it to the hardware store to be fixed. I’ll pick it up today when I get done with the Noon News.
I also used my day off to give a station tour to a Cub Scout Den from West Des Moines. Some friends called and asked if I would help them out with their Communications Merit badge. So we gave them a tour of the station during the 6PM news. It was fun and they were REALLY well behaved.
To the news of the day.
The Battle of the Polls
The Des Moines Register Poll out this weekend put Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee ahead of their respective party’s candidates for the first time. It looked like the two were starting to gain ground on the two people who used to be leading most Iowa polls, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But an Iowa State Poll reminds us that polls are just that — polls and it’s still anyone’s game at this point. The Iowa State Poll shows Hillary and Mitt still commanding a lead.

By the way… speaking of the Caucuses. There was a nice write up of Des Moines in the Sunday New York Times. One of the paper’s political writers has been traveling here since the ’80’s and said he is amazed by the city’s transformation. If you care to see what he says, here’s the link.
I think it is just one more reminder that Des Moines is a truly great place to call home.

Hanukkah or Chanukah?
Wade, our morning show producer today asked this question when he writing the story about the start of the Jewish Holiday. They are both the same, but here’s a good explanation I found online…
“They are the same, it’s just that in Hebrew the Ch is pronounced like an H, so we usually spell it Hanukkah to keep gentiles from saying it wrong.”
With that said, Happy Hanukkah OR Chanukah! The Maccabee Deli on Polk Boulevard celebrates the 8 day Festival of Lights every year by lighting the candles on the menorah each night. Drive by and check it out.

Bad Weather Surrounds Us
There is some crazy weather out east and west. In Washington and Oregon there is rain. Lots of it. In fact there is flooding because of the 10 or so inches they got in the past day. In the northeast, there is lots of snow and ice. So, what does this mean for us? Jeriann said it looks like we could get some significant snow on Thursday evening and perhaps more snow and sleet this weekend. I love the snow. It’s makes Iowa look pretty and then I don’t mind the cold weather as much.

I’m supposed to travel next weekend and I’m wondering about the trip now. It looks like it’s going to be a mess, but it also looks like I might get around it if I can time my trip right.

That’s all for now from me. I’ll let Pat add more later. Have a great day.

Van and Bonnie
Thanks to V&B and the Science Center of Iowa for opening up early. Our viewers and their listeners got to go into the Science Center for free. Van and Bonnie wanted to get their viewers in the holiday mood so they had a Quintet come play Christmas Music for them. It was nice.
Thanks for all the Playlists! Keep them coming.
BB and PWD
P.S.-I’m having trouble with the pictures today. Not being lazy…they’re just not cooperating. Sorry, I know some of you don’t like reading this without the pics too.


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