Cold, Everson and Dr Dr.

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Good Morning!
It’s the coldest morning of the season so far and you can feel it. I hope we struck the right balance with the weather. It’s not terrible if you take the right precautions, but we needed to also communicate it is dangerous out there this morning. So we tried for somewhere between, “It’s Iowa and it’s just going to be cold”…and telling people to stay inside.

No one really knows what happened back in 2007 that started this case, but it is certain from the testimony we heard that some young people made some very bad choices. I thought Marc Hansen’s article in the Register this morning hit the nail on the head.
There’s also an article in the CR Gazette this morning talking about how Prosecutors may challenge the plea deal they made with Abe Satterfield. He was supposed to be the best witness for the prosecution and instead he made the case that the alleged victim was the aggressor in this situation and that he didn’t see or hear anything on the night in question. Why did they give him the deal again?
As the parent of two boys, you can bet there’s a very uncomfortable conversation coming for both of them. You know what’s right and what’s not. I want my kids to have fun in College and I’m sure they will. Getting so drunk you don’t remember having sex with someone is not OK. Having sex with a girl who is clearly so drunk she’s not going to remember what happened is not OK.

Still missed the Mark
If Republicans continue to miss the mark explaining the budget debate to Iowa voters…they’re going to lose this debate.

Also in the Register this morning is an article detailing court papers saying Marla Stevens didn’t know she’d stolen millions from Aviva USA till they confronted her. If the money had been deposited into an account and forgotten about or stuffed into a mattress, or spent on one thing i think I would believe this.
The fact that this woman and he partner made political contributions, bought property, went to Vegas…essentially had a good time with the millions makes me sceptical of that claim. So we’re to believe that no one ever talked to her about the millions she spent, the trips to Vegas, the Political Contributions? If she didn’t know anything about the money, wouldn’t that have raised a red flag for her?
I have a steady job I make a reasonable living. If someone told me that I’d gone to Vegas and stayed at the Bellagio, and I didn’t remember it…I would seek help quickly.
Mental illness is terrible, can be debilitating and certainly can ruin someone’s life. I know people who struggle with various forms of it. If someone were to try to get out of criminal activity by feigning mental illness, there is a special, very warm place for them after they die. I also think a reasonable jury or Judge wouldn’t believe it.

Dr Dr…
Sometimes my job leaves me in places I never thought I’d be. I’ve got a pretty bad red mark under my eye. Ends up it’s dry skin. Another reason Spring can’t come fast enough.
Anyway, I went to a Dermatologist to get that diagnosis. I’m not sure I ever pictured myself having a conversation with an MD, going through a make-up bag and discussing moisturizers. No complaints…you just have to laugh sometimes.

I will be spending the weekend getting ready to watch the Bears game. My heart says Super Bowl, my head says it’s going to be a very stressful Sunday afternoon.
Hope you all stay warm!


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