Coincidence of all Coincidences, Sprayberry Reunion, and Sports Abyss

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How this for a coincidence coming full-circle? In May, Marlon Byrd landed on the DL when he was beaned in the head with a pitch (in Beantown I might add). He was replaced in the game by Reed Johnson — the same Reed Johnson that was beaned in the head earlier this month, during a rehab assignment of his own, in Des Moines. Tonight, Byrd stepped into the box for the first time since being hit, and he was hit again — this time, in the ribs. Ouchy.

Megan and Marlon in the 1995
Sprayberry High Yearbook.

Megan Salois is a big Marlon Byrd fan. She went to school with him at Sprayberry High School, in Georgia. Not only do I love the name Sprayberry, I love how Megan looks like someone straight out of the 1970’s with that black and white pic.

The Big Cubs play a double-header, Tuesday. They’re so bad, even Ernie Banks is saying.Let’s just play one.”
Tuesday, the IceBorg is going to hop into a racecar, at Iowa Speedway. I’m not too worried though. Our interns tell me the dude refuses to go over 50mph on I-80.

Andy and I talked a lot about the abyiss that is the sports landscape this summer, on Murph n Andy. There’s really no interesting sporting event taking place, until the start of college football, except the British Open. I can’t wait to see what Rory does on his home turf. Andy is pretty upset that there’s nothing to keep his interest, but I’m just happy that college football is now only two months away. Bring on September 3rd!

My golfing buddy is obsessed with playing before 8:00am. I don’t understand it, either, because he works until 10:30pm just like me. Last night, I went to bed at 4:00am, and had to get up at 7:15am to golf. I’m running on Diet 7up and garden salsa Sun Chips.

You can’t argue with the fact that
indycars look cooler than stock cars.

I don’t know why, but I enjoy open-wheel racing way more than stock car racing. NASCAR doesn’t do it for me, but Indycars are pretty cool (especially when you can see the vapor trail behind the wings).


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