CIETC’s back, Hy-Vee Triathlon, and A Big Night

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Good Morning!

Trish is out this morning so Lynn Melling was nice enough to get up at a god awful hour to help us out.

I’ll get through the news because I think there are some things you should know about the weekend…we’re going to try to make them a little less confusing.

This story is not over by a long shot as evidenced by the fact that a new indictment came out yesterday. The allegation is against a current employee of the job agency formerly known as CIETC. The idea is that he, and some others, were allowed to go over the Prairie Meadows and gamble and drink on company (read: taxpayer) time. I had someone tell me about this right after all of this broke. Beyond the crazy bonuses, and the abuse of public money was, allegedly, a culture that fostered and awarded abusers of the system. I’ll put the disclaimer about the good people who worked at CIETEC here. These are the people who knew nothing about any of this. I have no doubt there were good people working there. I have a hard time believing they hadn’t heard even a whisper of what was allegedly going on. It was so blatantly flaunted.

We’re going into a weekend that I’m still not sure the Metro has it’s arms wrapped around. This triathlon is going to be a big deal. There may or may not be thirty thousand people downtown, but I think there will be a good number of people down to watch the race. So much of downtown is going to be used as a racecourse that you’re really going to have to watch where you’re going. Here’s a map from the Hy-Vee Triathlon website. I think it breaks things down for you.
The bottom line here, if you’re going to watch..Saturday: the elite juniors swim bike and run in the afternoon on the downtown course. Morning Farmer’s Market should be OK. Use MLK to get to Waterworks to park if you’re going Saturday.
Sunday: same deal about MKL to Waterworks or use west MLK to get over to Court Ave and one of the other jumbo trons. There’s also a lot of parking around the capitol complex to watch the race at it’s finish. (Note: if you park at waterworks there are shuttles to take you to the finish line.
We’re doing a story on this tonight, but this weekend really embodies a shift the metro needs to take in the way we approach weekend activities…
We’ve largely been a destination town. We go to an event…and that’s it. Go to the Farmer’s market Saturday…go home. Go to the fair…go home. Go to the Hy-Vee Classic…go home.
This is going to be one of those opportunities to go downtown Sunday morning and stay all day. If you don’t want to watch the triathlon all day…there’s The Iowa Outdoor Wellness Adventure will be going on over by the capitol…all the downtown businesses are going to be open and have extra staff on…The I-Cubs are in town for a 1:05 game.
My point is…go down and see some of the armature race…have lunch on court avenue or in the east village…go see the Cubs play and you will still have time to get over the the finish line for the end of the elite triathlon race. It’s time we become multi taskers.

People’s Hottest Bachelors
Brad walked in and told me I should not be commenting on the “Hottest bachelor’s list” from People magazine. I disagree. This is the freedom of being married, and very comfortable with…well…you get the idea.
I think Matthew McConaughey is a good looking guy. I can say that right? He just is. I’d disagree with some of the other people on the list, but my point is, a man can comment on another man’s looks without someone inferring he’s gay right? Answer that how you like…I don’t care. I’m on the record.

Big Night:
Tonight is the Finale Gala for The Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Man/Woman?Celebrity of the Year Contest. Boy, that’s a mouthful.
I don’t know if I’m going to be the one who raised the most money, but I have to say I don’t care(I do a little but that’s just because I’m competitive). If it’s one thing I’ve learned from this, it’s that the experience was worth the time and effort. I’ve won. People have constantly surprised me with their generosity and giving spirit. I can’t thank all of you enough for your help through this process. I’ll get you a total for what we raised as a group and what you helped us raise over the last nine weeks. Again Thanks. If you’re a blogger lurker and you’ll be at tonight’s event, feel free to stop by and say hi to Trisha or myself. We’d love to hear from you.
Have a great weekend. We’ll have some pictures from tonight’s event and from the rest of the weekend on Monday.


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