Chill in the Air, Debate II, and Mall Makeover

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Good morning,Sorry this is late and a little incomplete. Blogger had an outage, and we were delayed. It’s 10:30 and I’m just getting back into this. I’ll leave it at what we said here and we’ll do more tomorrow. BTW we talked Chili this morning. We’re going to put some suggestions up here tomorrow.

If you didn’t get the point yesterday, this morning is a rude wake-up call. It’s cold out there. I don’t think a light jacket is going to cut it if you’ve got to spend time outside.

Debate deux happens tonight in IPTV. Notice that both candidates have more positive ads running. Wonder if they read the article in the register too. It will be interesting to see if the second debate is a little more engaging.

The plane crash in NYC isn’t going to be an easy mystery to unravel. NY Yankee’s pitcher Corey Lidle and another man were in the Cessna when it went down. Brad Ehrlich pointed out…This plane has a parachute on it for emergencies. If the plane was having as much trouble as eyewitnesses say, why didn’t Lidle use it?

We had a story about Polk County and the billboards it’s put up around town. Supervisors say they did this because no one knows what county government does. So my question is…How does a banner saying “Leading the Way” help me understand County government? How about a sign promoting the lead screenings the county is going to do in a few weeks? Maybe we could use a number to call so taxpayers could get more information about the Sexual Assault Response Team the county has put at the hospitals. Victim’s services is one of the best programs the County operates. What about the services the county provides to families in need? There are a lot of great things the county government does. To put a slogan up there seems like the work of the PR firm the County hired. If you want me to learn more about what Polk County does…pay for the ad space to promote before the events you’re using our tax dollars for…Don’t give me slogans, give me tools. I don’t even mind if you put that pretty new logo on the bottom of the billboard.

The Polk County Attorney’s office is asking for a gag order on the former Dallas county sheriff. Brian Gilbert has used the media to get his message out several times since allegations of his stealing 120-thousand dollars came up.

If you missed it Southridge Mall is getting a make-over. Most of you would probably agree it needs it! So does anyone think this mall can compete in the current retail climate in Des Moines? There’s sure a lot going on in West Des Moines but don’t county out the loyalty of SouthSide Des Moines residents. There are people who value community, neighborhood and the value of keeping dollars in the area. If Southridge puts the money in, I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes a nice niche for itself.

In the weird story of the morning, our producer Jodi apparently grew up with the American student that was kidnapped and then freed by Palestinian militants. 24-year-old Michael Phillips was kidnapped by a new militant group Tuesday. They let him go and he’s on his way home. Jodi says they were best friends in grammar school. She lost touch but didn’t realize it was him until she pulled up the video this morning.

The National League Championship Series was rained out last night. They’ll try again tonight in NYC. Meanwhile the Tigers look really good in the ALCS. Detroit is up 2-0 in that series after a win last night.


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