Catching Up on Last Night

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What did you think of the Nevada debate last night? Since it’s yesterday’s news, I’ll keep my thoughts short. And since my truck crapped out on my way to work today, my thoughts are a little disheveled anyway (looks like my battery went out).

My thoughts for what they’re worth…(hopefully, at least $99.95 to make up for the tow and new battery)

Obama seemed off his game in the first round. His body language wasn’t good. He leaned forward on the table on his hands. I used to do that a lot. And that’s a no-no in television. It takes your energy away. He also looked like he was wearing his big brother’s suit coat. Another thing we learn in our shallow world of television it to pull your suit down in the back and sit on “the tail”. It makes the suit fit a lot better, or at least look like it does. After the first commercial break, Obama did sit up, fix his jacket and show more energy.

Clinton looked tired in the first round but seemed to have more force and energy behind her words, nonetheless. I may be crazy, but she seemed to gain makeup during the commercial break. She did seem to give Edwards a not-so-nice look during one of his comments. But it seemed she stayed “up” throughout the night.

Edwards kept his cool, even though he didn’t seem to get the face time the two others did. He did ditch the light blue tie (UNC Tar Heels?) he seemed to wear out in Iowa in favor of red stripes (does some team in South Carolina wear that shade of red?). His posture was upright throughout and kept his energy high. He did have one odd moment when he drummed on his mid-section a handful of times with his right hand while he tried to think of a word. And, now, a day later, I’ve forgotten what that word was. Hold on, let me beat on my chest for a while.


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