Cameras (again), Being Iowans, and Period (space space)

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Good Morning!
The starts of my day gave me another gem from my son.
JT was asking Sally to wake me up this morning after he got out of bed. Sally told JT that I was at work and that they would have to “call Daddy”. JT proceeded to scream, “DAAADDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!” I’m not sure he’s clear on the phone concept yet…but we’re working on it.

To the News:
Cameras (Again)
Windsor Heights is talking about putting up those speed cameras on I-235 and a mobile speed camera in various locations around the City.

In the wake of that news, I got a call on our newsline. The woman was looking for Jan Mickelson’s voicemail…Anyway she wanted to tell me that these cameras were simply about Big Brother infringing on her freedoms.

I’m sorry, I know the argument about these cameras being about safety is bogus, but the other extreme doesn’t hold the answer either. Infringe on what? Your freedom to speed? Is someone arguing that the City is taking down data about your car or your movements or where you buy eggs? I doubt it. A City that can’t even staff the streets with enough people to control speeding isn’t exactly a candidate to track your personal movements.
There’s a simple answer to this. It IS about money. the City needs it and you don’t want to pay more in taxes. This is a way for Windsor Heights to get people from Des Moines and Urbandale and Altoona to pay for services in Windsor Heights.
There’s also an easy solve here. Don’t speed, and don’t run red lights.

Being Iowans
There’s been a lot of talk about an article in The Atlantic about living in Iowa. It was authored by a University of Iowa Professor who’s lived here for 20 years (though living in Iowa City is NOTHING like living in the rest of Iowa).
Read the article and draw your own conclusions. Here are a few of mine:
He makes some points that are hard to refute. That said, I am wondering what his article has to do with the lead-off Caucuses? You can write the same article about any State in the Union. Each would have characteristics that make it a less than ideal place to hold first in the nation influence in the nominating process. What the author misses in the fundamental argument for the Iowa Caucuses. There is no other place in the country where a less well-known candidate could come and succeed. The cost in any other state would be prohibitive and then we’d all complain only the truly well-funded candidates could win.
I’d also argue that Iowa is unique in that the voters here, Republican and Democrat, take the responsibility seriously. Name another state where voters would be as engaged in the process. Name another place where employers would give employees time (and a place) to hear the candidates speak during the work day. Name another place where you can go to a neighbor’s house and talk to a man or woman who might be President some day. You can’t do it.
Iowa’s size is EXACTLY the reason it should remain first.
As for Iowa’s diversity, I seem to remember the pundits talking about how forward thinking Iowa voters were when Democrats gave President Obama a Caucus win.
Iowa opens the process to a broad field. That isn’t always comfortable for some people. But shining light on the fringes of the political spectrum is good for the conversation overall.
If you’ve got a better system, I’m all ears, but it’s going to be hard to convince me that any other state could handle the responsibility of being first like Iowa does.

Period (space space)
I just wanted to admit I’m doing it wrong…or at least this article says I am. says we shouldn’t put two spaces after each period in a sentence. One of the fundamental rules of my childhood is apparently wrong. So I guess it’s one space from now on. I don’t know how long it will take to break me of this rule. I will try harder tomorrow.
Feel free to comment…
Have a good one


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