Bush to Iowa, Wal-Mart Drugs and Fat = More Gas

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Thanks to the slick talking assignment desk in the Channel 13 newsroom, we were able to break some news for you this morning. I know, I know…Wal-mart’s announcment about it’s $4 prescription program was in the paper, but they didn’t have someone from Wal-mart to actually confirm the announcment and talk about whe whys and wherefores of it. Good job guys!
Here’s the list of the drugs included in the $4 deal.

(Sorry the link wasn’t working at first – hopefully this is better!) (My bad-pat)

There’s a lot of politics to talk about today. Can you tell it’s getting close to election day?

The President comes to town today. He’s campaigning for Republican congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti. Absent from the event will be Republican nominee for Governor Jim Nussle. He says he was already committed to speaking at the Rotary Club. Opponents speculate he doesn’t want to be seen with the President because of his low approval ratings. His running mate, Bob Vander Plaats will be there.

It’s Trisha taking over from here on out – Pat just got tapped to fill in and anchor the noon newscast today, so he’s skipping out to catch a little break this morning.

A few more of our big stories:
Congressman Steve King also joined us live this morning during the show (it was a busy news day!) to talk about his support for the border fence bill, which the president is signing this morning before hopping the plane to Iowa. The bill authorizes 700 miles of new fence on the Mexico-US border. King is very much in favor of fencing off our border with Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out – he told us he wishes the President would make a bigger deal out of the signing announcement.


Actor Michael J. Fox is coming to Iowa Monday. Unlike his ultra-conservative character on Family Ties, he’s stumping for Democrats. His Drake University appearance will be a rally for gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver.

After all the flap about Rush Limbaugh criticising him for “exploiting” his Parkinson’s disease for political reasons, I’m curious to know what you all think.

Here’s my take: To me, it seems like a cause Fox is legitimately passionate about. However you feel about stem cell research, I’m not sure it’s fair to criticize someone just for using their personal story of medical problems to push for changes that they believe could save other people from the same type of suffering. I didn’t notice many raised eyebrows when people like Christopher Reeve, Lance Armstrong, or Rob Borsellino campaigned for cures for their medical problems. If anything, it seems brave and generous, not exploitative, to share something that personal with the public. That’s just my 2 cents’ – I’m sure many of you see it differently and I’d love to hear your opinions!

We did a story yesterday that you can see on the web. It’s about these ads using these diseases and stem cell research as a campaign issue. I was interested to find out that all three of the groups that advocate to cure the diseases meantioned in the ads say it’s misleading at best. Do we really think one side or the other is standing there saying…nope, I think I’d rather have people suffer through cancer, parkinsons, alzheimers, or Juvenile Diabetes? This is a very personal question and a very emotional issue for the people who are dealing with the diseases. The other thing all three groups told us is that stem cell research either isn’t effective, hasn’t been successful or hasn’t shown promise in a lot fo the research. As I understand it, there are two types of research, one uses stem cells(like blank slates that can turn into any kind of cell) to replace defective cells or cells that have been killed throught he effects of the disease. That has shown some promise in diseases like Juvenile Diabetes. From what I read scientists do not think it would be effective for things like Alzheimers. The doctor we interviewed told us the current stem cell research using stem cells for parkinsons has failed.

Let me be clear, all three groups think continued research using stem cells is a good idea. That’s the second way stem cells might be effective. Scientists think we might gleen information observing or working with stem cells that will lead us to advancments and help find cures. It’s a fishing expedition, but then again, a lot of great research is. This of how long it would have taken us to discover a lot of the useful things in our everyday lives if we didn’t go to the moon. Inovation and discovery often comes through mistakes and what seems like failure.

Anyway, the docs and the advocates think this is an issue that should not help decide a campaign.

Lose weight, save on gas!
Call it another incentive to get in shape – new research from the University of Illinois says America’s obesity epidemic may be to blame for driving up demand for gas, and in turn, prices. How? It takes more gas to pull more weight, and the average American weighs 25 pounds more than our counterparts in 1960.
This startled me more – in 2002 the average American man weighed 191 lbs, the average woman, 164 pounds. That’s AVERAGE, as in, counting all the skinny people too. I had to double check those numbers to make sure it wasn’t a mistake – I always thought a woman’s average weight was in the 140’s somewhere..150’s tops.

On a personal note, I’m patting myself on the back for re-starting my workout routine this week! I re-joined Curves (for you guys who don’t know it’s a circuit-training workout franchise designed for women) after taking a summer hiatus when my facility got rid of its child care room. It’s not easy for me to find times when I can go without the kids now, but I really missed the benefits of the workout enough to try it again. It’s simple, it’s thorough, and it just works for me. PLUS – and it’s a big plus – I now have a friend who works out there, so I’m looking forward to having someone to chat with while I work out, and motivate me to show up!

I too am trying my best to stay with a workout and lose some weight. Always a struggle for me, but I’m trying. I’m the guy who needs someone standing over me, telling me what to do. We invested in some training session at Fitness World West. It was pricey, but so is the cost of taking care of yourself when your overweight. I’d rather be healthy.


I’m working on some material for tomorrow morning’s newscast on the adult side of the holiday – people really seem to love an excuse to show off their wild side! Tune in for that report tomorrow.

Do any of you readers have big plans?? I’m still putting the finishing touches on my costume, and psyching myself up for a late night with friends both Friday AND Saturday! (I really cannot remember the last time I went out on the town two nights in a row… I’m out of practice!)


Look out – Pat just walked back in with his wake-up concoction. All I know is it involves lots of Red Bull. He says he’ll add some thoughts later this morning as he gets ready for the noon newscast. It should be a good one, with the presidential visit happening right at news time!

Thanks Trish- The secret is out. It’s called Rooster Booster and they sell it at the quick trip. It’s like Red Bull with a kick….Anyway, I was feeling a little tired this morning…I think it’s my trainer’s fault…hard workout on no sleep…Thank’s Sean.

Have a good Thursday!

Trish and Pat


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