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Good Morning!
We’re now over the hump and headed for the weekend at full speed. We will have more visitors in town thsi weekend and Sally’s Brother and his wife come into town to instroduce themselves to the boys. We’ll see if the boys wake up. So far we’ve had to do just about everything we can to wake them up to feed them. Now, some of you parents are going to write back and tell me I’m crazy…that I should let them sleep. No way.
We’ve got two, and I’ve got a weird schedule to begin with. Letting one or both of the boys dictate when they’ll eat seems to me to be the end of sleep as we know it. We’re going to try to dictate that schedule for as long as we can. For now that means feedings every three hours or so and no one is complaining. Does anyone else smell sour milk?…it seems to be my default fragrance for now.

To the News:
Budget Cuts
Every time I’ve watched the Des Moines School Board make budget cuts I’ve also sen a Representative of the Teachers Union get up and try to make the argument that the people being cut are the heart and soul of the district, and that cutting these fine employees will mean your child ‘s education is ruined. Well, there’s only so much money to go around so who gets it? Eight million dollars in cuts can’t come entirely from administrators. It can’t come entirely from “wasteful” spending. At some point, people are going to lost their jobs. It’s not what anyone wants. It’s just reality. As an alternative, all union staff members could take an across the board pay cut so everyone could keep their job. The union could suspend it’s dues and give some of that money back to the teachers to make up some of the difference in pay. I wonder why no one talks about those things?

Energy Savers
Speaking of budget cuts and people losing their jobs, I’m more aware lately of the things I do at work that might effect the company’s bottom line. For a long time, people carried the attitude that the company can take care of itself…I’m gonna get mine…that kind of thing. To a certain extent no one is going to look out for you better than…well…you. But in times like these is it really too much to ask that everyone in a company try to save where they can? Megan Reuther’s renew Iowa report tonight will deal with ways a company can save power in an office. Small stuff like this can add up. I think about that every time I see the downtown buildings lit up like Christmas trees overnight. How much money could some of these businesses save if they only turned the lights on when people actually needed them?

Phelps’ Loss is A Food Bank’s Gain
I found this article in the San Francisco Chronicle today. Funny.

Shootings x2
The biggest national story this morning are the shootings at a German trade school and the shooting spree an Alabama man went on last night.

I’ll add more before the Noon.


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