Brooks Backpedals, Marathon Men and Introducing the New Crew!

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Good Morning and welcome to your Friday!

Every once in a while on our shift things go a little haywire before the show. Today was a good example. We’re trying to give a few people the day off before the end of the year and that means we were down a few of our regular folks today. The result was some confusion about who was coming in when. The greatest part of working on this shift, however, is the way people step up to the plate. Our producer, editors and a new morning reporting crew (I’ll introduce you to them later) all collaborated to get the work done before the show. I doubt you noticed a lot of difference and believe me when I tell you, we were close to you noticing a BIG difference.

To the News:

Archie Brooks will be in court this morning to change his plea on at least one of the charges against him stemming from the CIETC salary scandal. We don’t know the details of any plea agreement or if Brooks simply decided he couldn’t win in court. This might be a day where we get more information about what happened at CIETC over the months this misuse of taxpayer money allegedly happened.

Also in the Courts:
Former West Des Moines councilman Brad Olson is back in court today on possession of stolen property charges. State Senator Matt Mc Coy is also making headlines from the courts. He’s asking a Federal Judge to throw out extortion charges against him saying the Federal Prosecutors used false information to obtain the indictment against him and that the prosecutors withheld information from the defense.

Brownback Backs Out
I updated the blog yesterday to bring you the news that Sen Sam Brownback is bowing out of the presidential race. Maybe now some of the third and fourth tier candidates will stop campaigning and we can get a better idea where their supporters will land. I think some of Brownback’s supporters might move over to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s camp. This could give even more momentum to an already rising campaign.

SCHIP Debate
Did you see this yesterday. One of the dems on the floor of the House of Representatives made what I think is a totally unwarranted and irresponsible comment during debate about the SCHIP program and Dems efforts to overturn a presidential veto.
Democrat Pete Stark accused Republicans of sending troops to Iraq to “get their heads blown off for the president’s amusement.”

What kind of sicko do you have to be to accuse the president of getting his jollies from killing young men and women? I don’t care what your political affiliation is, this is inexcusable no matter who’s in office or what Oliver Stone, Aliens at Roswell Never landed on the Moon conspiracy theory you subscribe to.

Don’t we elect these people to be Statesmen? If you ever get the chance, go to CSPAN and watch some of the debate, especially on the floor of the House. It’s like watching a Kindergarten class at recess. The worst part about it is that a lot of the people who are elected to office have NO IDEA WHAT THEY”RE TALKING ABOUT. That doesn’t stop them from running their mouths about almost anything.

I am glad we have free speech in this country but what this guy said is irresponsible. No matter what you think about the war and the President, you cannot really believe that George Bush gets pleasure from seeing men and women die. I expect some of Pete Stark’s constituents in California will not be happy about these comments.

Marathon Inspiration
Jon Cahill told us this morning about two men from Norwalk who are running the Des Moines marathon. Two guys named Todd Harper and Chris Albright decided to get serious about losing weight over a year ago. They started eating right and exercising and each one lost about 100 pounds. When their waist lines started to dwindle, they started to take up running. Chris said when he first started he could only run for a few minutes at a time. Now he’s aiming for 26 miles on Sunday. This story shows us that ANYONE can lose weight and get in shape. Very inspiring!

State of the Schools
Dr Nancy Seibring will be giving her assessment of the Des Moines School district today. the event is open to the public so grab your lunch and go down to the Science center to hear what she has to say.

New Team
We’re going out for a few adult beverages and some chicken wings this afternoon to say our Today in Iowa goodbyes to Jon Cahill. Jon has done a great job as our morning reporter, but apparently they need him for the evening newscasts. Jon’s flexibility and ability to adapt to most any situation we put him is made him a great member of our morning crew. It’s also why he seems in high demand around here.
Because we’re losing Jon…We’re gaining some new faces.
The Today in Iowa team is really happy to welcome Megan Reuther and Trent Reicks. Megan and Trent will take over as our morning reporting team as of Monday. They’re an experienced crew that’s already worked in the state of Iowa in Waterloo. Megan is also a graduate of The University of Missouri School of Journalism. Anytime we can get more Tigers on the morning team…I’m a happy guy.

We’ve had a little bit of time to get to know these two this week and I think Brooke Jeriann and I would all agree we expect great things from them.

Have a good weekend…
PD and BB


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