Bricks, Super Sunday and Big Win

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Good Morning

I hope all of you had a great Super Bowl Weekend.
The News:
I feel like the City really screwed the pooch on this one. See earlier posts for more on that. The good news is that it sounds like The plan is going to move forward. I really don’t get the opposition to this. It’s not like the City Fathers are planning on putting a Strip club or a Brothel in Downtown. It’s a Hotel. We’ve lost out on events coming to Des Moines and I know that one of the criticisms of Des Moines is a lack of Hotel Rooms Downtown.
Super Sunday
-I thought the Game was one of the best since the last time the Giants and Patriots got together.
-Thumbs up on the National Anthem. That’s the way its supposed to be done. The Drum Corps was a great add.
-I don’t know why it bothered me so much but the kids in the Choir that sang with Clarkson distracted…at least some of them did. Most of these kids were smiling and singing. They did a great job. The kids who’s parents encouraged such over the top facial expression should be hog tied. You are part of an ensemble…a team. It’s not about you.
-I thought the commercials in the 1st half were LAME.
-I thought the Halftime show was pretty good. Entertaining. I am not a Madonna fan but I thought she put on a good show for a woman in her 50s. I didn’t see whoever that was flip me the bird. Whatever…you are a b-list add on to the Headliner at the Superbowl. Get over yourself.
-I thought the Halftime in America ad was one of the most memorable…well written…stirring. I also thought it was the first re-election ad for President Obama. Was this part of the bailout deal or something?
-Other favorite ads: The VW ad with the dog that went into the Darth Vader retread., I thought the promo for The Voice was the best ad at the time. I liked the “Here, Wego” ad.
Big Win
Congrats to ISU fan. If Iowa State can get the wins it expects to over the next few weeks, they’ll could go as high as the 3 seed in the Big 12 tournament. I love it. If ISU is #3, the Cyclones will likely get Kansas if they can get to the Semi-finals. I like The ISU-KU match up on a neutral floor. As A Missouri fan I like ISU being on the other side of the bracket.
If you missed it, Missouri beat KU this weekend. Should be a great finish tot he Big 12 season.


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