Bad Bid, A Change of Plans and Diaper CHamp

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Good morning. I am going to be brief here…set a match to what I am sure will be a powder keg of marital controversy and then leave.
We’ll do that in a minute
First, the news:

American Samoa was hit with a high tsunami yesterday after an underwater earthquake. The Des Moines Register got some great accounts of the incident from Rekha Basu and Rob Borsellino’s son who is in Samoa teaching. As per usual the Today show held the video of the tsunami for it’s show instead of sharing it with it’s affiliates.

Olympic Bid
Chicago is making it’s case in Copenhagen this week and according to the NBC reporter that traveled with the bid team, Chicago is not off to an impressive start.
The bid team (according to this reporter), looked tired and non-plussed about it’s first meeting with the Media while Rio’s team looked sharp and enthusiastic.
According to one blog I read, the bid may come down to Chicago and Rio. If the IOC voted with their heads they’ll pick the better financed and more profitable Chicago bid. If they vote with their hearts, it will be a first time bid for South America.

A Change of Plans
I’ve been making more than my share of phone calls over the last 24 hours trying to get out of here early for a wedding with weekend on the East Coast. We’re seeing some friends in Boston (one of whom is a loyal blog stalker…Happy Birthday TP). Then it’s off to Maine where we are joining Sally’s extended family for a wedding. It also happens to by my wife’s birthday this weekend and we’re married ten years next week. So I’ve got a few things to do before I go. A couple of kudos to give out. United changed out flight plans without penalty…I may feel different when they try to charge me for the pack of gum I’m carrying on. Second Budget rental car also changed our plans and made an over-ride of a computer system glitch that added an exorbitant amount on to our rental for 12 extra hours of use. Common sense…that’s all I ask.

Diaper Debate
Moms and Dads, who changed more diapers in the house. I bet the answer…whoever it is, has a lot more to do with time spent with the kids than it does fear of poop. This is one of those marital myths like Men don’t do housework or Women don’t mow the lawn. People make their deals and fall into their roles. If you feel like you’re getting screwed, say something…hand the baby to your husband and say…change em!
What I can’t stand is the parent who chooses to spend the most time with the child then complains about the work that comes along with it. Sally and I do a pretty good job of divvying it up. She changed a lot more of the diapers than I do, but she also recognizes this is circumstance. She remembers, often, to thank me for going to work each day, and recognizes that I am also providing for, and caring for our family. There’s no I in team…but there is in diaper.
I’ll let Brooke Jeriann or Megan add to this form the woman’s point of view if they like. I hope you will as well.


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