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I was actually pretty excited to come to work today. It’s not that unusual actually, I really do enjoy my job (I know, sounds kind of lame, but it’s true). But today I found myself anticipating it even more. It was probably because I was gone for a few days. Last week I was sick Monday and Tuesday (had the flu- it was going around the newsroom, so inevitably I caught it.) And then Friday through yesterday I was in my home town of Milwaukee.

My time home was strange – which probably adds to why I was looking forward to coming to work. Although it was great to see family and friends, I was home for a terrible reason- a funeral. In my experience all funerals are sad, but this one was even worse, it was a young friend of mine. One of the most amazing people you could meet, and it showed in the amount of people who showed up to celebrate his life this weekend.

Sorry to make things sad, but I can’t seem to get that off my mind. Anyway on to the day today.

I was excited to be back; was intrigued at what the day could offer me. Turns out, I was headed to the statehouse. We started out the day with a story mainly focused on the fact this is the first day legislators are no longer paid for their work this session. I was mainly curious what these lawmakers would be doing if they weren’t here and if they were upset that they were “stuck” debating for free. In my opinion, most of the legislators we talked to sounded like they would definitely rather be out farming, or working somewhere else, or even just relaxing. But to their credit, they still seemed very determined to make their decisions based on the issues, not how long they would have to stick around based on that decision.

I’ve done it before- stayed late on my own time, or polished a story without “clocking in”. But it’s not expected of me. I think personally it would be tough for me not to be motivated, even a little bit, by the fact I was stuck at work and not getting paid. So kudos to our lawmakers.

Debating the Health and Human Services Budget on the House Floor

The issue that had them stuck at the Capitol until 10:00 tonight was the Health and Human Services Budget. Now this is a complicated bill (don’t worry, I won’t get into here). Because they were still working on it late into the night, that meant we too were stuck at the statehouse all day. We didn’t really have time to go back to the station, so I just logged and wrote all my stuff right here at the statehouse (yup, I am still there right now, writing this blog from the live truck, waiting for ten o’clock to role around- yay down time!). Turned out to be a fun night after I had my story written. Plus I felt special because I had *three photojournalists! One that shot with me today and edited my stuff, one working the liveshot, and the other training. Two is rare. Three almost unheard of! I joked with them that I was the reason there was three of them. “I’m just that awesome” I bragged. Ya, not true.

Me and 2 of my 3 photographers tonight :)

Make sure to check out the full story. One of the main focus was funding for abortion. Click here to watch.



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