Back from Mexico, Old-school Hawks

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Every time you come back from vacation, you’re supposed to be ‘refreshed’. What?! Why!? Shouldn’t you be ‘depressed’? I just spent the past 7 days in Mexico being waited on hand-and-foot. Why should I be ‘refreshed’ coming back to 5-degree weather and having to actually pay for food and drinks? The only thing I have to show for my trip is a tan — which will completely vanish in 3-6 days.

I’m not sure how I did it, but I didn’t surf the Internet on my phone for the entire week. The couple we were traveling with had a global plan and every time I saw them checking Twitter I wanted to pull mine out and spend the $5-a-minute on roaming charges to do the same. But I didn’t. Hopefully my wife remembers that next time she wants to yell at me for looking at my phone while we’re out to dinner. 

Is there anything more ironic than Keith Murphy giving me crap for going on vacation?

One thing I can feel good about is the fact that basketball is finally entertaining again, in our state. Neither Iowa, nor Iowa State, has had a pulse in my five years of covering them, until this year. Iowa is beating top-15 teams, and ISU is in the mix for the NCAA Tournament (although it’s way too early to get too excited). Then there’s Drake, a team that won 4 games in 8 days and is all of the sudden looking…..good. Maybe winter in Iowa isn’t going to suck as much, this season.

I love the throwback uniforms Iowa is going to wear February 4th, against Penn State. The Hawks are paying tribute to the 1986-87 team that narrowly missed the Final Four. I wish they would go back to this simple style uniform and give up on the ‘new era’ look.

Iowa’s old-school uniforms
‘Old’ school uniforms courtesy of  

Who would you like to see in the Super Bowl? I can tell you which team NBC doesn’t want — the Ravens. Not only are the Ravens not a big draw, they’re extremely boring to watch. I’d say NBC brass is hoping for a Patriots-Giants rematch of Super Bowl XLII, with Patriots-49ers close behind.


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