Auto Bailout Take2, Tale of the Tape and Thanksgiving to Remember

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Good Morning and our apologies for not writing a blog for so long. It’s been quite a week. I’ll get into that in a minute but 1st…the news of the day.

Bailout Take 2
Auto Executives will drive not fly to their appearance at a Congressional hearing today. We expect we’ll hear an actual plan for the use of the 25 billion dollars they’re asking for. I’m skeptical. I can’t imagine the executive pay cuts or union concessions can amount to the kind of sacrifice it’s going to take to make these companies profitable. I hope I can write that I’m wrong tomorrow morning. My Mom may have summed the feelings of the American people up on this one when we talked about this over the Holiday when she said, “If even one of the executives working at any of the companies that took taxpayer money get a BONUS this year I’m going to go nuts!” I agree and I think we’d all say the same thing. It’s not the year for bonuses and if you expect one, You’re crazy. If the Auto Execs expect Congress to accept anything short of a fundamental change in the way all three companies do business…we’ll that would be just like Congress. I hope Congress has grown a spine over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Tale of the Tape
20,000 hours of tape from the Nixon Oval Office will be made public today along with thousands of classified documents. It should be interesting reading. Think what you like about Nixon but this should be some pretty remarkable stuff. He’s talking about Vietnam, the tapes may include conversations about his re-election…and we know how that one got done. Whatever we hear, it should include the kind of humanity we don’t often associate with the decisions our leaders make. There were people in a room that made decisions that changed the course of this country’s history. These tapes will put us all in the room with them.

Let’s review one more time…
You go down the ramp and press the pedal on the right. It makes you go faster. When you get to the speed traffic is already traveling on the highway, you find a spot and move into it.
If you are already on the highway it may be necessary for you to take your foot off the gas to make room for your fellow driver. It’s probably not necessary to slam on the brakes so the rest of humanity behind you backs up for no reason.
I review these rules because it seems we still haven’t learned how to enter and exit the highway here. The backup on 2325 at four every day. It’s because people can’t seem to merge off the 63rd street ramp on to westbound 235. My head may explode the next time I see someone floor it to the bottom of the ramp only to slam on the brakes and put it into park waiting for a mac truck sized opening to merge into.

Thanksgiving to Remember
I have so much to be thankful for this year. Not so much what I have or have accomplished this year…simply to lessons learned along the way.
On that theme, a week ago today I was waking up in a hospital room with my wife. Late Monday we had a little scare and the doctors told us to head over to the hospital. We quickly learned Sally and the boys were OK but the entire experience raised the blood pressure.
I told my parents later in the week, I often walk around still thinking of myself as a kid…my parents son, younger brother to my older siblings. Last Monday night driving my wife to the hospital in the middle of the night was an adult moment. For some reason it brought a lot of clarity to upcoming responsibilities and life changes.
They let us out of the hospital but Sally had to take it easy for a few days and that meant a big change of plans for Thanksgiving. Everyone from her family and mine still came to Des Moines
but we prepared a scaled back Thanksgiving meal (the turkey was still 28 pounds) shared on the floor of our living room. Everyone handled it beautifully and we’ll all have a good story to tell these kinds after they’re born.

Saturday night we kept our tradition of decorating our Christmas tree. It’s a beauty! I spent the better part of a day stringing 1200 lights on a seven foot tree. It was a good distraction from watching Missouri Blow a fourth quarter lead and losing to Kansas. A reality made even more painful by the fact that my sister, a KU grad, was in my living room. I will post a pic f our finished tree when I get back home and can send it from my camera. Family left Sunday morning and made it home unscathed, though they said the drive got dicey there for a while. We are lucky to have so many people who love us and would go through the effort to drive all that way.

I hope that covers most of the missed week of blogging for you. I hope you’ll understand my attention has been elsewhere and can excuse my absence. I also hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

I’ll post a new poll this morning and I have a few new iPod apps for you iPod owners. Have a great day!


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