April (snow) Showers, Moving On, and Watch out for the Lights!

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Good morning….

This morning is a little surreal as the snow falls and we start talking about school delays because of the weather again. I thought we were done with all of this. It’s funny how much you have to re-adjust your thinking when the weather shifts like this…driving, commute time, what to wear…I’ve moved on to spring mentally. The weather is not cooperating.
Anyway, Jeriann says the heaviest snow is far northern Iowa’s problem. Here in the metro it should hit and melt pretty quickly. She’s got sixties in the seven day forecast.
I unfortunately just had to go on the air (just before 10am) and report a fatal traffic crash near Earlham related to the weather. 3 people killed. It’s evidence it doesn’t take much snow accumulation to make conditions on the roads really dangerous.

The verdict against former Dallas County Sheriff Brian Gilbert came yesterday, but it seems like everyone is still trying to process it. The jury members believed accusations that Gilbert took the money. I’m not sure the hard feelings splitting this community over the past few months will go away quickly.
I agree -and was particularly struck by the pain and emotion in the courtroom. It’s hard to imagine the pain the family is going through – guilty or not, their loved one is in a serious mess, and their family lives are forever changed.
I also think we in the media, like many of you, wonder if we’ll ever know what really happened in that traffic stop.

I was really surprised to see the Iowa Senate rejected the appointment of Gene Meyer as the next Commissioner of Public Safety in Iowa. The nominations fell three votes short on party lines. Republicans say they think Meyer might be biased against other departments or division under Public Safety. He used to be the head of the Division of Criminal Investigation. That Meyer is qualified for the job doesn’t seem to be factoring into this decision. That’s too bad.
If this is Republicans way of flexing their political muscle (about the only way they can) this is the wrong appointment to do it on. The Senate is also expected to push Governor Culver to appoint a more geographically diverse group to the Board of Regents. I get that. Pushing on Meyer’s appointment I just don’t get.
For the record I’ve worked with Gene Meyer in his time as both DCI Director and West Des Moines Mayor. He’s always been professional, helpful and generally a good news source. He has provided background when appropriate and has been straight with us even when the story wasn’t exactly flattering to him or the organization he represented.
I just talked to a local Republican who’s furious about this. I’ll be interested to see what he says when we interview him later. He thinks Statehouse Republicans overplayed this hand big time.
I’ll be at the news conference where the Governor is going to talk about this today.

Another exclusive this morning on the Today show. They had Larry Birkhead. Ok I think I’m honing in on this. If you are talking to someone, and they’re not talking to anyone else right then and there….it’s exclusive. As if ANYTHING about Larry Birkhead is exclusive. Can we be done with this story now?

American Airlines says it wants more women to fly and it’s amenities are targeting women. So they’re doing “Girlfriend Getaways”, and they’re putting purse hooks on some of their seats. Are there any women out there that think this is going to be the marketing tool that’s going to push you over the top in buying an airline ticket? “well honey I know our tickets to Florida are going to cost $400 more but American has a purse hook.” I think I’d be offended if I were a woman. As if women aren’t looking for exactly the same thing men are in an airline…price, reliability, and good customer service at the counter. I know this is a little extra thing, but I just think it borders on offensive when a company takes a purse hanger and tries to make into a deal breaker.
I agree – it’s a little silly and manipulative. But if I could save a bunch of money on an airline I’m interested in a “girlfriend getaway!” I could actually use any kind of getaway this time of year, how about you guys?

Ok I have to go to the news conference. I’ll try to blog this afternoon about some of the stuff that happens this morning. Check back in. Hope I’m getting this on early enough for those of you who like to check first thing. I’ve been slow in getting this posted. I’ll try to be better about that.

It’s Trisha adding a couple of quick things…
Did any of you see our great live blooper at 6am?
Elizabeth Klinge was doing a live shot in Ames about the weather, and just as she started to talk about the wind, it blew over the light they had set up, so she was in the dark!
Pat commented that it looked like the Blair Witch project, because they had to use one tiny, dim light to shine on her face until we could roll some recorded footage. By the time she was back on live, photojouralist Dave Olson had the light back up and looking great. Good job guys recovering from the unexpected!
I mentioned it to our 5pm newscast producer – and the moment was so funny, he may work it into the evening newscast too!

Heather R. emailed me about the Bachelor – yes, I watched my tape of Monday’s episode last night, and I’m still sickly fascinated with this dumb show! If you want to read some gossipy nonsense and drain some brain cells, you should check out the cattiness on the message board from that show! It makes our blog comments look like Sunday School.
Pat’s pick for the winner, Alexis, is now OFF the show… the virginal, conservative one. I think I’m leaning towards Danielle. She seems to have at least half a brain and be fairly sincere.

Gotta run – I have a very full plate today at work and at home! Lining up guests and interviews here, running the kids/house routine solo today since Ian has a performance out of town, and getting Cal to swim class tonight (brrrrrr…. I’m not looking forward to the dash out to the car with wet hair afterwards!)


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