MORNING BUZZ: Appeal, Approval, and AP?

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The appeal of some state workers for their jobs at the State’s Juvenile Home in Toledo is probably not going to work. The Governor is recommending closure of the home after accusation staff had mistreated young women who lived there in the past. I am not judging what happened or didn’t happen there./ I wasn’t there and I do not know the circumstances. That said, the behavior that’s come out violates the rules set forward by the state and isn’t the standard we’ve asked these workers to use. Should everyone lose their job because of it? You can debate that here.
What’s not going to change is the Governor’s decision. Some State lawmakers want more say in whether the state closes the home. that’s window dressing. I’ sure they’re concerned about the jobs of their constituents but it’s hard to see this emergency meeting as anything more than a way to show Union supporters that you care. The Des Moines Register Editorial Board got it right. The issue of the closure shouldn’t go to lawmakers because they would make it about the jobs…nt about the kids. The workers are caught in a no win here. Even if they truly believe the best interest of these kids are served staying in the home…they look self-serving by asking for it. That doesn’t make them wrong, it just makes the Governor’s position easier to argue.

One of the reasons the Governor can make these decisions, even in the face of some opposition, is that his approval rating is through the roof. A new Quinnipiac Poll out today shows it. His approval rating is up eight points since August and a HUGE majority of people polled think the state is going in the right direction. Governor Branstad is likely asking for his last term in office. He has no ambition for higher office…he doesn’t have to play the politics others do. If he thinks it’s the right thing to do…he does it. That’s tough to beat.
The harder question for Democrats is who will mount a serious challenge? At this point it looks like no one (we are a LONG way from election day however). State Sen Jack Hatch is donating huge dollar amounts to his own campaign…he says it’s not a sign his fundraising is lacking but come on…why do you give a significant amount of money to your own campaign if your name isn’t Perot? It’s not that Hatch or any of the other declared Democrats aren’t serious guys who have serious ideas about how to run the state. It’s simply that Iowans like the direction the State is headed right now and it would take some serious convincing to make people change that opinion. Are we misspending tax dollars? Are businesses better or worse off then they were four years ago? Are investment dollars flowing into the state and exports going out? These are the questions voters are considering…

No two ways about it. Iowa State got screwed in the latest AP poll. They beat a quality opponent in Iowa and they did it with a strong comeback win. it’s not that important where Iowa State finishes now…League play will begin soon and Iowa State will have some tough tests in the Big 12…We are going to see just how good Coach Hoiberg’s crew is. Hats off to both teams.

-Thank you to the Baltimore Raven Kicker for derailing the Detroit Lions Season. We’ll send a Christmas card from the Playoffs.
-The Mega Millions is getting to preposterous proportions. A friend of mine actually believes the headaches that would come with the jackpot would outweigh the life changing cash. I disagree. I will deal with the problems.
-Toys R Us is going to stay open from Saturday at 6am to Christmas Eve…That may be how long it takes to untangle the mess of cars in the parking lot outside the University location.
-So I didn’t know there was any dispute over the question: Who authored ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas? I love the Poem and eventually would like to be able recite it to my kids by heart…I’m working on it. I would also love to find a first printing of the story and buy it. Maybe that can go on the Mega Millions wish list.

I hope you all have a good day!


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