Anniversary, Ike and I-35

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Good Morning!

Lets get straight to it…

It’s tough to know what to say every year when this day rolls around. It’s like watching a movie when you know the end. You get the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. I’ll leave it to someone else smarter than I am to talk about the significance of the 9/11 anniversary.

The Gulf Coast of Texas is boarding up, and getting out as Ike gets closer. I was reading the Chicago Tribune this morning and they had a story about the Cubs not wanting to make the trip to Houston this weekend. The Cubs are supposed to play a three game series and the owner of the Astros doesn’t want to give up the revenue from the games and move the series to a neutral location. As a Cubs fan I vote the team does not fly into a massive system of severe weather.
I may just be a typical Cub fan but I keep waiting for the worst to happen to this team. I can see them getting caught in Houston for days with no way out, no electricity…having to forfeit games and losing the Pennant.

This was one of those moments, “you know you’re in Iowa when…”
The interstate south of Des Moines was blocked for more than 109 hours today because a truck carrying hogs jackknifed and spilled…you guessed it…hogs, all over.
It took hours for them to clean up the mess. As of the writing of this the interstate is back open.

I have a trip over to the Quad Cities planned for Friday and Saturday. I meeting some friends to play golf. Based on Jeriann’s forecast…I’m going out to buy a new rain suit.
We’ll see you tomorrow morning!
Published early Friday morning cause Pat’s too dense to press the “Publish button”


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