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I got this news release today, January 8, 2007.

Dr. Selden Spencer, a neurologist from Huxley, Iowa, today announces the formation of a committee to evaluate a second bid for Iowa’s 4 th District Congressional seat.

“I am seriously considering another run at the seat currently held by Tom Latham,” said Spencer. “My motivation in the face of our country’s problems remains strong. We all must keep hopeful that the mistakes of the past can be addressed, but we must do our part here. There is no more immediate and practical thing we can do here in Iowa’s Fourth District than to replace our current representative.

“Today I am announcing that a committee has agreed to work with me as we begin the process of making the 4 th District a Democratic voice in Washington.” Members of the committee include: John Norris, Sandy Opstvedt, Dr. Robert Gitchell, Debbie Gitchell, and Representative Berkley Bedell.

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