Alford Slapped On Wrist, Leno’s Back, Girls State Mythbuster

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  • The Mountain West Conference publicly reprimands Steve Alford for calling a BYU player (Mormon?) an A–hole. Alford says his competive nature got the best of him. I don’t think this is a huge deal, but he’s the coach, not the student-athlete. He knows better, and has to rise above those impulses. (I can relate to this because on occasion, I’ve reprimanded myself after a thought bubble appeared over my head that reads, “Come on, Keith. You’re the parent. Act like it.”)
  • The Mountain West Conference did not reprimand Alford for still having a zipper hairdo in 2010. (I know. At least he has all his hair.)
  • Jay Leno returned tonight and immediately launched this joke: “No one goes downhill faster than Lindsey Vonn… except NBC.” Jay, you helped with that weeknights from 9 to 10. NBC’s been pretty good to you, all things considered. Maybe hold back on the NBC bashing for at least a week.
  • The Marriage Ref is taking a beating in some circles. I had low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it, though Alec Baldwin won’t be on every week. I thought 30 minutes was perfect, so I’m interested to see if the show holds up over Thursday night’s 60 minutes.
  • I already miss the Winter Olympics. I’ll bet NBC does too.
  • It’s been 36 hours and I’m still amped from that gold medal hockey game. One of the top 10 sporting events of my lifetime. Maybe top five.
  • When Zach Parise tied it with 25 seconds to play, my wife, my parents, and I all went BONKERS!
  • ESPN’s Erin Andrews has been frustrated by not being taken seriously in some circles. She understandably wants to be seen as more than sexy eye candy, but I’m not sure the barely there outfits she’ll be wearing on Dancing With The Stars is the best way to journalistic credibility. I’m guessing she has more than sideline reporting in mind for the future. One things for sure, she won’t hurt DWTS’s ratings.
  • Mythbuster: Girls State Basketball Tournament begins, weather improves.
  • If you’re looking for SoundOFF videos, and based on the emails, a number of you are, you’ll find them in the video player under the “SoundOFF with Keith Murphy” tab on the sports page. The sports page video player will have updated local stories and highlights every night. Some people at 13 are working hard to improve the experience, which I appreciate.
  • Joke of the night from Jimmy Fallon: “Gatorade is ending its relationship with Tiger Woods. Apparently they made the decision after they checked his cell phone and found texts from Powerade and Vitamin Water.”


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