A Farewell Before Christmas

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I begin my annual allotment of time off before Christmas today. I imagine it will be the last time we do this trip for a while. Christmas this year is going to mean sharing some of our traditions from Chicago with the kids and I’m excited to do it, even thought it won’t mean anything to them.
Each Christmas Eve we go back to the church where many of my relatives have been married, baptized, had their first communion and eventually eulogized. It’s a special place and each year we take time Christmas Eve to go to church between services. It’s quiet, the church is decorated for Holiday services and it’s exactly what you’d expect, peaceful, beautiful and a perfect place to reflect.
I try to think about the year past and the year to come. I distinctly remember two years ago Christmas Eve praying for the gift of a family for Sally and I. We’d tried for a while and it hadn’t happened. By Christmas Eve last year I was thinking about my our new family on the way; what it would look like and how our lives would change. Again, I was asking for a little more guidance.

This year I’ll sit with my boys in that Church and I won’t have anything more to ask for. I hope I’ll be thinking about what I can give back.

I’ve got a beautiful family and we’ll figure out the future as it comes.
It is a Merry Christmas.
To the news:

A second robbery overnight in as many days isn’t unusual in Des Moines, but the fact that it was two men who may fit the same description is enough to get Police working on the possibility of a connection.

Four Day Work Week
The State is throwing around the idea of doing this to save money. It could be $2million a year. I would think there would be a lot of State Workers who would be for it. A three day weekend is a nice perk.

Twitter Hijacked
The Iranians have apparently taken over Twitter. To me this couldn’t matter less. I know some people are going through tweet withdrawal right now but really. Use Facebook for 24 hours.

Ames High
This just in…Harrison Barnes is just that good. I actually played regularly (well OK I sat on the bench and watched my teammates play regularly) against Waukegan High School. Ames’ out of state opponent last night was supposed to be one of the best in Illinois. Not to diminish the win, but Waukegan hasn’t lived up to expectations this year. Undisciplined is the description I’ve read. Anyone go to the game?


I’ll be spending the near future staging and packing for a trip to see relatives for Christmas. I’m reading a book about the lead up to D-Day in World War Two. I think I know how Eisenhower felt.

Seriously though the art of planning ahead is something that’s always escaped me. people who know me tend to think I’m detail oriented. My wife is laughing right now. Sally is the logistics Chief in our house. I will follow instructions and add a supportive word where I can. Mostly it’s up to me to pack the car. This annual jigsaw puzzle is always a challenge. Two High Chairs, Boppy pillows etc… etc… etc. It will all fit but it’s going to take me finding my packing Zen.

Hope you can fit it all in at Christmas time. I’ll be back blogging the week after Christmas.


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