231st Birthday, Could you Pass? and Anniversary

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Good Morning and Happy Independence Day!

I know there won’t be too many of you who actually check out the blog this morning because it’s a holiday. Who was actually up watching us? If it was you…I’d like to hear about why you were awake.
Speaking of awake, I was last night around eleven. Storms rolled through the metro an dropped about a quarter inch of rain. I liked the rain…I could have done without the light show. I needed the sleep.
Fireworks went off without a hitch at the capitol last night. Chopper showed us a few shots from above. Have you ever watched fireworks from the top of a tall building. It’s weird, especially if you’re inside and can’t hear the pop along with the explosion.

Big shows tonight downtown at the I-Cubs game, in West Des Moines at Raccoon River park and Urbandale.
Just a fun little exercise if you have the time. I noticed MSNBC has the Citizenship test, or at least part of it, on it’s website. Take it. See if you can pass then let us know how ya did. I got 95 percent. One question wrong and I’ll let you all guess which one.
Finally, I was in a rush yesterday and meant to mention a fun milestone in my life.
Sally and I celebrated 20 years since our first date last night. July 3rd 1987 I asked her out to the fireworks in Wilmette. Even as a 7th grader…I never stood a chance.

We went back and forth on this significant date and whether we should try to do something for it. We didn’t do anything super special last night, just spent some time with friends. I think Sally said it best. Maybe the reason we don’t feel compelled to figure out any extra special celebration is that we’re pretty good about celebrating the every day. Milestones are nice and I can honestly say I do not have a significant memory in my life that does not include my wife….but I would say the reason I love her is for the future, not because of our past. I hope that makes sense.

Forgive the sentimentality of this morning’s blog…there’s just not a lot to talk about in the news.

Hope you all have a nice holiday.


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