2008 Caucuses in 2007?

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O.K. this is crazy. There’s a report out that the 2008 Iowa Caucuses could take place December 17th of 2007…are you kidding?! Blame South Carolina. And Florida. And New Hampshire.

Surely, this won’t happen (and don’t call me, Shirley). Surely, they can’t hold the Caucuses in 2007, can they? Is all this moving around stuff going to mean the end of the Iowa Caucuses the way we know them? Will this mean we’ll see regional primaries in 2012. Or 2011.

I was watching the 10pm news tonight. Mitt Romney ran an ad. Then Bill Richardson aired one. Then Barack Obama. Then Ron Paul. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the Club for Growth ran an anti-Mike Huckabee ad. That doesn’t even count the Duncan Hunter ad that aired earlier. It’s August 8th. Wow. Our sales people must be smiling.


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