STORY CITY, Iowa -The blizzard warning was called for Thursday, and Friday. Some people thought they could get through Iowa, before it got worse.

We had a window of sunshine, and we thought we could make it thought, and then just north of a Story City here it just got terrible,” said Jeff Marshall, from Lakeville MN. “It’s like we’re not in any hurry, we all don’t need to end up in a ditch, and die so we called it a full of day.”

That was Thursday night, Jeff and his wife Shelley were heading south to Kansas, so they were able to hit the road going south. For the Comfort Inn, it was some unexpected business.

We have been full for the past two nights, which we didn’t anticipate,” said Richard Kirkpatrick, Comfort Inn General Manager. “It’s only because of the weather, we have been accommodating the employees from our local nursing home of Bethany life, also local families have the other family members coming to stay here for Christmas.”

The motel also had a problem, some workers were unable to get to their jobs, due to the storm.

“We have a several people who commute from out of town as far away as Boone and also Ellsworth, and they haven’t been able to make it here, said We have a several people who are commute from out of town as far away from Boone and in Ellsworth and they haven’t been able to make it here,” said Kirpatrick. “Even people who live out in the country, just outside of Story city I haven’t been able to make it because of the weather so it’s a little weird. We’ve been running with it with a very short staffed.”