Blizzard Makes For Tricky Travel in the Town of Algona

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ALGONA, Iowa — Rain turned to snow early Thursday evening. Since then snow has been falling at a rapid pace. Streets around town are passable with a narrow center lane.  Conditions are set to improve when City plows hit the streets around 6:30 a.m. Friday.

“Right now I’d say we got 8 plus inches on the ground, it’s real heavy snow,” said Algona Police Chief Kendal Pals. “We don’t have a lot of traffic in the middle of the night, but several cars that have been out in the middle of the night have gotten stuck or slid into the ditch.”

Pals said that 4 wheel drive vehicles are really handy. The Police Department has a few 4WD units, they are the cars in service for the Police Department overnight.

Algona Public, and Algona Garrigan cancelled classes for Friday, late Thursday.

“We’re hoping that there’s some employers that are not going to be operating today, cuts down on traffic,” said Pals. “People do want to get to work if they possibly can, some times they chance it a little more than they possibly should.”

Downtown business owners will have some shoveling to do, as wind whipped snow into drifts in front of downtown stores.


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