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BLAIRSBURG, Iowa — According to the Adoption Network, 60 to 70 percent of domestic adoptions are now open adoptions. It’s something a Blairsburg couple chose to do, and now is encouraging others to do the same.

“We actually got to meet them, his birth mom and birth dad, before he was born and we got to be there for the birth. She had asked us to be in the room when he was born. So we got to do that and it was incredible,” Kirbie Seiser said.

Trey and Kirbie Seiser have a story you just can’t make up. They have three boys. Theo, the oldest, is biological. They then adopted Tate after being told by doctors they shouldn’t have any more children because of a heart condition. But then just a month after Tate was born, surprise, They were unexpectedly pregnant with a third boy, Tommy. A large family, which is what the Seiser’s always wanted; and it’s even larger with Tate’s biological parents, thanks to open adoption.

“It’s the greatest and hardest thing you’ll ever get to do. The key and the point of open adoption is for the child to know that he was loved from the beginning,” Trey said.

Kirbie says beyond the relationship you get to build with the biological family, receiving medical history and learning about the family is another important reason to have an open adoption.