DES MOINES, Iowa — Two Des Moines Police officers filed a civil lawsuit against protesters this week stemming from a demonstration two years ago. In response, the group named in the lawsuit decided to protest once again.

The Des Moines Black Liberation Movement blocked off the intersection of Court Avenue and Water Street to protest Wednesday evening after the lawsuit by officers Peter Wilson and Jeffrey George became public. The protest was vocal, but was not physical; Des Moines Police were not present at the demonstration.

The lawsuit states six members of the Black Liberation Movement, including Des Moines city councilmember Indira Sheumaker, assaulted the officers during a protest at the Iowa State Capitol in July 2020.

The plaintiffs’ petition claimed in part: “While purportedly claiming to be engaged in peaceful protest, their actions and plans were nothing short of domestic terrorism.”

The Des Moines BLM protesters voiced their frustration at the officers and the police department during Wednesday’s demonstration, but they chose their location because it was in front of the law firm handling the plaintiffs’ case.

The two officers are seeking unspecified monetary damages from the defendants.