Defense Rests Case In Loren Bishop Trial

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Monday morning, the defense rested its case in the vehicular homicide trial of Loren Bishop.

The 51-year-old decided not to take the stand in his own defense. When making his decision Bishop told the judge he was clear-headed and there was nothing clouding his judgment.

Bishop is charged in the death of 73-year-old Mary Miller. A week before he drove his SUV through Miller’s home, an ER doctor says she treated Bishop for a broken arm.

But prosecutors say he was not taking the drugs as prescribed and should not have been behind the wheel that night last January.

Dr. Rachael Sokol: “When I prescribe any kind of substance that has the ability to alter their ability to drive, operate heavy machinery, I think they should not drive.”

Prosecutor: “You instructed Mr. Bishop not to drive.

Dr. Rachael Sokol: “That would be correct.”

Prosecutor: “While taking Tramadal?”

Dr. Rachel Sokol: “Correct.”

Testimony is expected to end Friday. Prosecutors are calling two rebuttal witnesses before resting its case.


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