WAUKEE – Electric scooters have popped up all around the city of Waukee. The city partnered with the e-scooter company BIRD to deploy a fleet of fifty scooters on which residents can ride.

“One of the things that these scooters provide for the community is it provides an opportunity for those that want to explore our trails system or maybe visit one of our neighborhood parks or simply just an alternative mode of transportation.” Matt Jermier, Waukee’s Director of Parks and Recreation said.

All residents need to do to start riding is download the BIRD app and set up and account.

Jermier said that BIRD came to the city around 6 months ago looking for a partnership. “We’re always looking for new things that we can offer the residents of Waukee,” Jermier said, “this is just one example of something we thought would be unique to Waukee and our residents could enjoy.”.

The city plans to revisit the program in the fall to evaluate how successful it has been. However if the do decide to keep the scooters, they don’t plan on adding more.

“as far as adding additional scooters I don’t foresee us adding too many more scooters.” Jermier said, “We don’t want these to be all over the community and be some of those problems that some of the larger cities have seen.”

Jermier emphasized how safety is important for residents to keep in mind when riding the scooters and that they should park the scooters where they are not blocking sidewalks, trails, or roads.