DES MOINES, IOWA — This week at the Iowa Statehouse, lawmakers will look at two pieces of legislation aimed at what can and cannot be taught in classrooms.

House Republicans introduced House File 8 and House File 9 during the first week of the 90th General Assembly.

House File 8 would not allow instruction relating to gender identity and sexual orientation in school districts from kindergarten through 3rd grade.

House File 9 prevents staff from affirming student’s gender identities if it is not what is on their birth certificate. This includes exclusion from restrooms, pronouns, etc. The only way for a student to be granted these rights is if a parent or guardian signs off on it.

Republicans view the legislation as a way for parents to be comfortable with what their children are exposed to; Democrats argue that it is a violation of freedom of expression and Title IX.

A nonprofit organization lobbying against both bills say that these bills were expected.

“Since Governor DeSantis and Florida Republicans have made, ‘don’t say gay’ bills cool again it’s something we were expecting,” said Damian Thompson, the Director of Communications at Iowa Safe Schools. “We were still disappointed to see that House Republicans want to erase the lives of LGBTQ students in schools across the state of Iowa.”

Both bills will be assigned to a subcommittee during the House education committee meeting on Tuesday.