DES MOINES, IOWA — On Wednesday, Iowa Senate Republicans sent over a bill to the governor that they believe protects Iowan’s privacy, and Senate Democrats believe will limit the power of the auditor’s office.

“The watchdog still has teeth, it is just making sure that those teeth are getting sank in something they shouldn’t be in, which is Iowan’s most private and personal information,” said Iowa State Senator Mike Bousselot, (R), District 21 from Ankeny.

The bill would restrict the auditor’s ability to access certain types of personal information like income tax returns, hospital records and more.

Democrats say that this a partisan power play, targeting Democratic State Auditor Rob Sand, the only Democrat elected to a statewide position. Some lawmakers question why this bill wasn’t brought up when a Republican auditor was in office.

“The same set of powers that Richard Johnson had when he was state auditor. The same set of powers that Mary Mosiman had when she was state auditor, and both of them exercised those powers well,” said Iowa State Senator Herman Quirmbach, (D), District 25 from Ames.