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KNOXVILLE, Iowa  —  Jason Carter is behind bars, two days after a jury determined he was at fault in the death of his mother, Shirley Carter.

Jason Carter was found liable in a civil suit brought on by his father, Bill Carter, and brother, Billy Carter.

“Bill is thrilled about the fact that law enforcement moved today to file first degree murder charges against Jason. Obviously his emotions are mixed because this is his son,” said Mark Weinhardt, Bill’s attorney.

Bill was frustrated because law enforcement said there was not enough evidence to arrest anyone in connection to the death of his wife two years ago. However, he was convinced his son Jason was responsible, and sued him in a civil suit. The Division of Criminal Investigation followed the testimony closely and now believes it has the evidence to show that Jason killed his mother.

“Here, after all the time that went by, Bill felt like that needed to take matters into his own hands, and that’s why he filed the civil lawsuit,” Weinhardt said.

Weinhardt also explained criminal prosecution typically happens before a civil trial, unlike what happened in this instance.

“The civil case was the first part of getting justice for Shirley. Bill now hopes this criminal prosecution will finish that process,” Weinhardt said.

Channel 13 went to Jason Carter’s Knoxville home where authorities arrested him, but nobody was home. Instead, a neighbor agreed to speak.

“He just acts normal out there all the time mowing his yard, acting normal, but there is something fishy about him, I guarantee it,” said neighbor Fred Anderson.

Anderson has lived next to Carter for 15 years, and he said his heart breaks for Carter’s two small children.

“They have to go to school, that’s what bothers me most, is what the kids are going through is school, it’s a pretty sad deal,” Anderson said. “I hope his dad gets justice for Shirley because they deserve it, his dad has been through a lot.”

Steve Wandro, Jason Carter’s attorney, also released a statement following the arrest, saying, “Jason Carter is innocent…He looks forward to his day in court.”

Bill Carter and Marion County sheriffs are expected to make a comment about the arrest in the coming week. Weinhardt expects Jason to make his first appearance in court on Monday morning.