Big Ol’ Fish is Minnesota State Record

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BAYPORT, Minnesota — Two Minnesota anglers have learned they now own a state record.

The Department of Natural Resources certified Darren Troseth and John Kimble’s catch from the St. Croix River as the longest catch and release lake sturgeon.

“The thought of catching a big fish through a hole ice is too much of a draw to keep us here on a Saturday night,” explained Kimble.

“The head on that thing was just monstrous,” said Troseth.

They measured the sturgeon at 78 inches. The DNR says that’s not only the longest lake sturgeon caught on record, but the longest fish – period.

“It kind of validates some of the work we’re doing, that we are seeing improvements in size structure of the fish that we have,” said Shannon Fisher, the DNR’s fisheries population monitoring and regulations manager.

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