POLK CITY, Iowa — At Big Creek Marina, there was a recent post on its Facebook page, apologizing to customers due to a change in the way they charge customers. Due to the rising fuel prices, they have added surcharges per hour to fishing boat and pontoon rentals. Those that are out all day, have a flat fee added.

“We always included gas with our boat rentals however this year, because of how high gas prices were we had to come up with something, some way of including that with the rental,” said Big Creek Marina Manager, Brittany Morrison. For all-day rentals, an extra fee is added for the whole day to cover the gas costs.

If a boat owner wants to fill up their boat’s gas tank at the dock the price is $7.00 a gallon. Last year it was $5.00 a gallon. Gas is higher here as they have to have the petroleum shipped in to the marina, so it’s always a little higher. So far patrons, don’t seem to mind.

“Everyone’s gone, well unfortunately I do understand the situation,” said Morrison. “I mean you’re seeing it at the pump itself, most people when we tell them over the phone, they say, ‘okay, that makes sense.’”   

People can bring gas for their own boat, and not buy it here. But those who are renting boats have to pay the fee, no personal gas supplies are allowed.

The business has also done well in finding employees to man the business. Most of the teenagers hired do like to work outdoors with the boats. The only position they have not filled is someone to work the front desk, handling reservations. That involves some degree of detail work. The employees out on the dock fuel the vehicles using a portable gas wagon they can wheel out on the dock.  Customers can order gas for their boats at any dock.

The Iowa DNR has made a major improvement to the beach and marina area by putting concrete down over a large parking area. The marina is located immediately next to the beach. 

You can learn more about Big Creek Marina and its rentals here.