DES MOINES, Iowa — Tuesday is the Big Bike Give, an online fundraiser put together by the Iowa Bicycle Coalition partnering with more than 20 organizations to raise money for bicycle advocacy.

Will Oelschlaeger, the Cultivation and Outreach Manager at the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, said that the Big Bike Give is the only fundraiser that many of the smaller bicycle advocacy organizations have access to.

“The really small ones, they don’t have websites and some of them don’t have Facebook pages. Between those two things, those are the big ways people take donations online is Facebook and a website and if you don’t have those or if you have them but they’re not set up to take donations you might be out of luck. So there are a handful maybe a half dozen or so organizations that if they want a donation someone’s got to write them a check or it’s the Big Bike Give,” Oelschlaeger said.

On the Big Bike Give’s website, the public can see all of the organizations’ stories and goals and choose which ones to donate to.

“Each organization has different goals with what they’re trying to do with the money. A big component of the fundraiser is telling that story and what’s the donor impact and what can they do. Some groups it’s trail maintenance, a lot of single track trails are just volunteer maintained,” Oelschlaeger said.

Oelschlaeger said that people can share the fundraiser on social media to support them even if they are unable to donate money.

To learn more about the Big Bike Give, visit the Big Bike Give’s website.