Biden in Ames: NATO Summit ‘Disturbed Me’


AMES, Iowa — On day five of Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey” bus tour through Iowa, the former vice president bit his tongue when it came to criticizing President Donald Trump’s behavior at the NATO summit.

One voter described the NATO conference, which concluded Wednesday, as “much worse than malarkey.”

Biden told voters it is customary to not criticize a president when on foreign soil, but couldn’t help but comment on the summit.

“What happened in the recent NATO conference has disturbed me. Really really disturbed me,” he said.

The former vice president stopped himself before commented more, “I’ve said enough,” although never directly referencing what at NATO was disturbing to him.

It’s possible that he was referencing President Trump’s comments about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trump described Trudeau as “two-faced” Wednesday, after Trudeau was caught mocking Trump’s lengthy press conferences with other world leaders.

International relations was a topic on the mind of several of the 325 voters at Iowa State University on Wednesday. For undecided voter Joan Bolin-Betts, it’s one of the main reasons she came to here Biden speak.

“With the NATO meeting, it’s quite clear that we don’t have respect in the world so I’m looking at that more and more,” she said. “I’m very concerned about the absence of leadership in the world.”

She brought those concerns to Biden, asking “how you are going to repair what’s been done internationally?” He responded saying, “I’m not just going to repair, I want to build on what Barack and I left…we face different problems than we inherited in the first go around when we were there for eight years.”

Another head-turned at the event was Biden’s remarks about Sen. Kamala Harris’ recent departure from the presidential race, saying “we lost a good one.”

“She’s capable of being president, or vice president or on the Supreme Court or attorney general,” Biden said. “Her capacity is unlimited, just absolutely unlimited.”

Before leaving to his next stop on the bus tour, he told reporters “of course I would,” when asked if he would consider tapping Harris for vice president.


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