Biden Administration Announces ‘America The Beautiful’ Program


America The Beautiful

IOWA — The Biden Administration announced its 30 by 30 plan, renaming it the “America the Beautiful” proposal. The plan looks to collaboratively work to conserve and restore lands, waters and wildlife across the U-S.

  Te recommendation report outlines a locally-lead and voluntary nationwide conservation goal to conserve 30 percent of U-S lands and waters by 2030. The proposal includes a commitment to honoring private property rights and tribal sovereignty and emphasizes a voluntary effort of farmers.

African Swine Fever

  The USDA says there is a breakthrough for an African Swine Fever vaccine. The Department of Agriculture announced a vaccine candidate has been adapted to grow in a cell line. That means the vaccine production will no longer have to rely on live pigs and fresh cells for vaccine production.

  This overcomes one challenge of an A-S-F vaccine. The USDA sayS this opens the door for large-scale vaccine production. No commercial vaccines are available to prevent the virus from spreading. There have not been any outbreaks in the U-S yet, but it is estimated a national outbreak would cost $50 billion over 10 years..

Pesticide Appeal

  Agriculture groups want an appeal to a court decision on a pesticide. A coalition wants the Biden administration to appeal a circuit court decision related to chlorpyrifos. The court says the Environmental Protection Agency must either write a new rule to allow for the safe use of the pesticide or essentially stop its use.

  The Ag Retailers Association says the court sets a bad precedent for EPA’s registration review process for all ag chemicals. Chlorpyrifos is a widely used pesticide to control insects and worms..

A Look at the Markets

Market analyst Alan Brugler has the week recap:

“Well, we rallied to new life of contract highs in the corn and soybeans, the highest prices since 2012 and 2013 different factors behind them, in corn new crop led this week, that has not been the case, we’ve been scrambling for old crop supplies, but new crop led because of rumors of a big chinese purchase. Over to soybeans, soybean oil is the real bull market there, there’s a world shortage of oil in general. Beef prices have continued to rise at the wholesale level, the strongest since teh COVID situation last year, the cattle market has been slow to respond to that, cattle packers have had a large number of cattle to pick from and feedlots don’t be appear inclined to keep them long because of the high price of corn. Hogs continue to march higher, same story we’ve been talking about, the same since January the cold storage stocks are tight, we’re not accumulating inventory, we’re using up everything we’re producing, I think we are seeing some incentive to expand hog production here but it would be a lot clearer signal if corn wasn’t at 7 dollars.”

Beef and Pork Records

  US beef and pork exports ended the first quarter breaking records. The US Meat and Export Federation reports March beef and pork exports posted the highest monthly value on record.

Beef totaled 124,800 metric tons in March, up 8% from last year and breaking the $800 million mark for the first time – up 14% year-over-year. Pork exports in March were also record-large at 294,000 metric tons. That’s up 1% percent from last year and setting a new value record at $795 million – up 4%.

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