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If you open up the bedside drawer in a hotel room, you’ll likely find a bible. But starting on March 1, the Iowa State University’s Hotel Memorial Union will be removing these bibles from its guest rooms.

The decision came after a guest complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation about the “unwelcome religious propaganda in the bedside table.”

“Personally I don’t think they’re really forcing anything on anybody,” said Iowa State University student Will Determan.

But the FFRF disagreed. According to its staff attorney, providing one religious text over another is an illegal endorsement by the state-run university.

The hotel plans on moving the bibles downstairs to the browsing library. While the library has limited hours, the hotel’s 24-hour front desk is able to unlock the room if a guest makes a request.

Freshmen Mark Ivey says he’s a Christian, but not a big bible reader.

“I’d tell them it’s 2014 and there are a lot bigger issues on the table than to complain about a book with 400 pages being in your nightstand,” Ivey said.

He says his religion is up to him, not his nightstand.