BETTER PREPARED: Des Moines Improves Levees

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Some Des Moines residents are feeling renewed peace of mind even if water levels continue to rise.

The U.S. Army Corps has added four feet to the already standing Birland Levee and hope to strengthen other levees in the metro area in the near future.

The Birdland levee has broken twice in the past. The first time was during the floods of ’93 and the second was in 2008. The Corps of Engineers began adding on to the new levee in 2009. The additions cost around $12.5 million.

“I don`t want to ever go through that again. I’m hoping  and praying that the new levee system is going to protect all of us,” says Des Moines resident Debbie Aldridge.

The city plans to fix the downtown levees next. Officials say if the levees continue to hold where they are for the rest of the summer, the city will be in good shape, however they also say they can’t predict much rain will fall between now and then.


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