Best Friends Recovering Together After Kidney Transplant

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PELLA, Iowa — When Scott Stephens’ health began to fail, his best friend stood by his side. Six weeks ago, Stephens and Aaron Eversaul underwent a kidney transplant. Eversaul gave up one of his to help his longtime friend suffering from a genetic kidney disease.

“You want to do all the things you wanted to do when you were feeling good,” smiles Stephens. “I get better and better every single week. I feel strength coming back.” For the first time in years, he has begun working out again. Before he didn’t have the strength to do so. He was in kidney failure and on dialysis. Finally, he’s beginning to feel like himself again.

In March, his friend of 40 years donated his kidney. “If I had another kidney, I would do it again,” says Eversaul.

Doctors say the two are on pace to a full recovery. It will be another four to six weeks before they are back to full strength, just in time for fishing season. “Hopefully somewhere around mid to late summer when we are fishing and we take our shirts off people don`t get scared and run away,” laughs Stephens. He says looking forward to these moments makes the years of painful waiting worth it.

According to the Iowa Donor Network, roughly 600 Iowans are waiting for a transplant.


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