Best Burger in Iowa in Beebeetown


BEEBEETOWN, Iowa — The Best Burger for 2020 was revealed Monday in the western Iowa town of Beebeetown. The Twisted Tail was awarded the honor on WHO Radio’s “The Big Show with Bob Quinn.”

“We had about 7,000 votes for roughly 600 different restaurants around the state of Iowa,” said Kylie Peterson of the Iowa Beef Industry Council. “That happened back in February and March. We do that for about a month and then we decided to list off the top 10, and then obviously COVID shut down some of these restaurants.”

It was during the COVID-19 shutdown when the Twisted Tail’s chefs went to work experimenting on what would be judged the “best burger” when the judges came for the last round of taste testing.

“We are residents of the Beebeetown town area and have been forever. We are farmers and cattle producers and this seemed like a good idea,” said Ed Spencer, who started the restaurant with his wife, Ruth, back in 2011.

“I would say our Beebeetown Burger is one of the top burgers. We got Beebeetown White Gold, Italian Stallion, and we got the Patty Melt,” said Ruth Spencer.


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